*We meet !!* 2005,12,19 Iguazu~Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Passing through a village, I saw a small house.
Fields of greens and blue sky spreaded as far as my eyes could see.

At like that time, When I saw a house, a boy or girl. cows, passing by train or bus, I always feel miraculously...
Now, I am here, so I meet him... (or her or them) !!
They are alive, I am alive, any man alive... We are living together !!!

Now, for an instant, we met indeed, as all living things.
*We meet !!* 2005,12,19 Iguazu~Rio de Janeiro, Brazil_a0030038_4511471.jpg

By the bus going to Rio de Janeiro from Iguazu... taking 25 hours!!!
by acomino.cocoro | 2005-12-19 23:59 | 旅のこと。
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